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Lifestyle Membership

Membership Options

$69 / Monthly Membership

adds a Lifestyle Massage Credit for a 60 minute massage to your account each month.

$279 / Annual Membership

includes a Free 2 hour Royal Ritual!

Benefits included with your Lifestyle Massage credit...
Free Aromatherapy

Use your credit for a Therapeutic Massage or Body Treatment
Split credits into 30, 60, or 90 minute Therapeutic Massages
Gift Lifestyle Massage Credits as Guest Passes

Use your Lifestyle Massage Credit & return for a 2nd (or more!) within the month,

for deeper discounts on Therapeutic Massage.

Annual Members pay these prices all year long!
$39 / 30 minutes
$59 / 60 minutes
$89 / 90 minutes

Additional Benefits included in Lifestyle Membership
Retail Benefits

10% off all retail products

Purchase Gift Certificates equal to Lifestyle Membership monthly rates

$69 for 60 min Therapeutic Massage

$99 for 90 min Therapeutic Massage

Service Benefits

Discounts on all other Massage Services, Body Treatments, Energy Work & Ritual Packages

Earn a Free Massage with Royalty Points!

12 points = 60 Minute Massage

how to earn points

4 pts - Refer a new friend to Royal Care Lifestyle

12 pts - Every 12 months of continuous membership

1 pt - Your birthday

1 pt for every $100 spent in a single transaction

No initiation fees.
6 month minimum commitment required.
Unused credits roll-over & never expire while you're an active Lifestyle Member.

Terms of Monthly Lifestyle Membership
A 6 month commitment is required for monthly Lifestyle Membership.
There are no refunds for the Lifestyle Membership dues without exception.

Accrued Lifestyle Massage Credits
Cannot be redeemed for specials unless noted.    
Any unused Lifestyle Massage Credits will remain on your account until the service has been performed, and will not expire while Lifestyle Membership is active.
Any unused Lifestyle Massage Credits must be used within 90 days of membership cancellation.
Unused Lifestyle Massage Credits may be gifted in the form of Guest Passes, and will have an expiration of 90 days from date of issue.

Additional Terms

Any promotional Lifestyle Member specials cannot be combined unless noted.

SpaFinder, SpaWeek, SpaWish, or other promotional gift cards & certificates cannot be used to pay for specials, or Lifestyle Member services.

Monthly Lifestyle Membership dues cannot be paid with promotional gift cards or Royal Care Lifestyle gift certificates.

15 days notice before your scheduled charge date is required for cancellation of Lifestyle Membership.

    There is an automatic $25 fee for cancellations made with less than 15 days notice.

    All other membership terms will cancel at the end of the last paid month of membership.

There is a $10 late fee for any payment more than 7 days late.

A freeze is allowed only once during the course of Lifestyle Membership.

    The freeze can be no longer than 3 months.

    If longer than 3 months is needed, membership will be cancelled.

    Re-enrollments in Lifestyle Membership will be subject to any updated Membership Terms or Policies.

Lifestyle Membership Terms are subject to change with written notice.

Terms of Annual Membership
A one-time fee of $279 initiates your membership.
The included 60 min Therapeutic Massage and 60 min Body Treatment must be used within the 12 months of membership.
The Annual Member pays discounted Lifestyle Member rates for all services at the time of appointment.

  • Individual Massage rates: $39 - 30 minutes, $59 - 60 minutes, $89 - 90 minutes, $89 Hot Stone
  • Body Treatments - $69 for 60 minutes
  • Energy Services - $69 for 60 minutes
  • Rituals - $138 for 2 hours

All other membership benefits outlined above, expire 12 months from the date of purchase.
This membership cannot be returned, or refunded without exception.
Member benefits are not transferrable to other customers.
SpaFinder, SpaWeek, SpaWish, or other promotional gift cards cannot be used to pay for specials, monthly fees, or member services.