Therapeutic Massage

Massage depth & focus areas are tailored to your body using one or more modalities, such as Swedish, Deep-Tissue, or Sports Massage.

60 Minutes / $85    $69 members | Buy Series of 3 - $219

90 Minutes / $115   $99 members | Buy Series of 3 - $309

Prenatal Massage

Recommended for after 13 weeks of pregnancy, this side-lying massage will help alleviate tension, pain, and stress.

60 Minutes / $85    $69 members


Choose an organic essential oil blend to add beneficial aromatherapy to your therapeutic massage.

60 Minutes / $95

90 Minutes / $125

choose from these 7 organic essential oil blends:

Cellular Detox, Muscle Therapy, Sleep Therapy, Stress Therapy, Lavender, Sage, Ylang Ylang

Hot Stone Massage
Massage is performed with heated stones for deeper muscle relaxation. Ylang ylang aromatherapy is included to enhance circulation.
75 Minutes / $115    $99 members

Warm Bamboo Massage
The session starts with lighter pressure, and progresses into deeper tissues as warm bamboo tools help release muscle tension. Ylang ylang aromatherapy is included to enhance circulation.
75 Minutes / $115    $99 members

Other Specialized Massage

We have certified massage therapists trained in Oncology Massage which helps provide relief for cancer patients, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage to help release toxins from the body. Please call for more information, and to book these treatments.

*SpaFinder, SpaWeek, SpaWish, and other promotional gift cards cannot be used for services that are on special, or for member rates.

Massage Therapy

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