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Add 30 minutes to your 60 minute massage for $30.

Buy a Series of Three 60 min Energy Work sessions for $219.

Energetic Balancing

Reiki & Cranial Sacral are incorporated with Therapeutic Massage to work with your body’s natural energetic flow to release trauma, pain & restlessness.

90 Minutes / $115   ($99 members)

Please call to book a 60 min session without Therapeutic Massage.

Cranial Sacral Therapy
Gentle pressure is used on the skull, spine & pelvis to release tension & improve body movement by restoring the natural position of the nervous system.

60 Minutes / $85  ($69 members)

Healing Touch Therapy

An energy therapy with the goal of restoring harmony & balance to the human energy system.  It is gentle touch or near-body touch that clears, balances, & energizes mind, body, & spirit.

60 Minutes / $85  ($69 members)

Reiki with Crystals
A traditional Japanese technique that focuses on aligning the body’s energy meridians to promote psychological health & relief of chronic pain. The amplifying energetic power of crystals is incorporated into your session.

60 Minutes / $85  ($69 members)

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Energy Work

Reiki, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Thai Massage in Santa Rosa

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